RIBBON Hockey Stick Sleeve – Black


The Sleeve has everything a hockey player needs! The Sleeve is a unique one-piece over grip made of polymer, finished with a raw surface that ensures maximal grip. The Sleeve is 100% water resistant. It doesn’t matter how hard it rains, the Sleeve makes it easy to play in all weather conditions!

We recommend playing with a Cork grip underneath the Sleeve. This brings the best of both Ribbon grips together! The vibration reduction of the CORK grip combined with the maximal grip is assured by the raw surface of the Sleeve.

The hockey grip is easy to apply on your hockeystick with a heat gun or boiling water. See the instruction video here!

Enjoy the unique qualities of the Sleeve:

  • Made of one piece, no problems anymore with loose and scratching grip like a PU or Chamois grip
  • 100% waterproof
  • Does not aborb moisture
  • Maximal grip due to rough surface
  • Easy to apply yourself over the shaft of your hockey stick

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